Documentation of the core library of GPAC
Filter Management

Filter Management of GPAC. More...

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 Filter Session
 Filter Session.
 Filter Properties
 PID and filter properties.
 Filter Events
 Filter Events.
 Filter PID
 Filter Interconnection.
 Filter Packet
 Filter data exchange.
 Custom Filter
 Custom Filter.

Detailed Description

API Documentation of the filter managment system of GPAC.

The filter management in GPAC is built using the following core objects:

GPAC comes with a set of built-in filters in libgpac. It is also possible to define external filters in dynamic libraries. GPAC will look for such libraries in default module folder and folders listed in GPAC config file section core, key mod-dirs. The files SHALL be named gf_* and export a function called RegisterFilter with the following prototype:

fsessis set to NULL unless meta filters are listed, in which case the filter register should list all possible meta filters it supports
a GF_FilterRegister structure used for instantiating the filter.
const GF_FilterRegister *RegisterFilter(GF_FilterSession *fsess);
struct __gf_filter_session GF_FilterSession
Definition: filters.h:119