Documentation of the core library of GPAC
Core Tools

Core definitions and tools of GPAC. More...

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 Base data types
 Base data types of GPAC.
 Library configuration
 Library configuration.
 Memory Management
 Memory management.
 Error codes
 Error Types.
 Logging tools
 Logging System.
 Bitstream IO
 Bitstream Reading and Writing.
 Generic List object
 List object.
 Local and Network time
 Time manipulation tools.
 Networking tools (URL resolution, TCP/UDP sockets)
 Process and Threads
 Threading and Mutual Exclusion.
 Mathematics and Trigonometric.
 File System
 File System tools.
 base64 encoding
 Base 16 and 64 coding.
 Color tools.
 Configuration File
 Configuration File object.
 Language codes helper tools.
 String Tokenizer.
 Hash and Compression
 Data hashing, integrity and generic compression.
 XML Parsing functions.
 Misc tools
 System time CPU.
 Main tools
 Unicode and UTF
 UTF and Unicode-related functions.

Detailed Description

You will find in this module the documentation of the core tools used in GPAC.