Documentation of the core library of GPAC
Compositor API

GPAC Compositor and Scene API. More...

+ Collaboration diagram for Compositor API:

Data Structures

interface  JSScene
interface  GPACEventFilter
interface  GPACEVT
interface  MediaObject
interface  SRDDesc
interface  QualityDesc

Detailed Description

This section documents the API used to access and control the compositor and scene media objects when using interactive BIFS/VRML/X3D/SVG rendering. This API is not loaded by default when playing a scene and shall be loaded by a scene script using:

import {scene} from 'scenejs'

This API cannot be loaded from a JSFilter. It exports:

Data Structure Documentation


interface GPACEVT

interface to user event - see GF_Event

Data Fields
readonly atttribute unsigned long type

event type - see GF_Event

readonly atttribute DOMString name

event name - see gf_dom_event_get_name

readonly atttribute unsigned long mouse_x

mouse X position

readonly atttribute unsigned long mouse_y

mouse Y position

readonly atttribute boolean picked

true if a node is currently picked

readonly atttribute double wheel

mouse wheel position

readonly atttribute unsigned long button

mouse button see GF_EventMouse

readonly atttribute unsigned long keycode
readonly atttribute unsigned long hwkey

hardware key code

readonly atttribute DOMString url

target URL for navigation events

readonly atttribute Array dropfiles

array of file paths to open in drop operation

◆ SRDDesc

interface SRDDesc

spatial relationship descriptor

Data Fields
unsigned long x

x position

unsigned long h

y position


unsigned long w


◆ QualityDesc

interface QualityDesc

quality descriptor

Data Fields
attributeDOMString ID

quality ID

DOMString mime

mime type

DOMString codec

codec parameter

unsigned long width

pixel width

unsigned long height

pixel heigth

unsigned long bandwidth

quality rate in bps

boolean interlaced

interlaced video

double fps

video FPS

unsigned long samplerate

audio sample rate

unsigned long channels

number of audio channels

unsigned long par_num

numerator of pixel aspect ratio

unsigned long par_den

denominator of pixel aspect ratio

boolean disabled

quality is disabled

boolean is_selected

quality is selected

boolean automatic

automatic rate adaptation is enabled

unsigned long tile_mode

tile adaptation mode - see GF_DASHTileAdaptationMode

unsigned long dependent_groups

number of dependent groups for this quality